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Chat with PsychicJohnG - Clairvoyance and Pendulum in Duque de Caxias online. 30- years of practice in Pendulum. I am a lifelong natural Clairvoyant, I see and I hear, visions and voices from beyond. Please read a few of my reviews. Love and Relationship matters of the heart all manner of interpersonal problems, visualised with outcomes foretold. Magical guidance, well I try, and feel that my work is important so I care about those that pay for my services in the same way I would hope that someone would care for me and there have been times when I needed help. You are not alone here on Oranum, this is a caring esoteric community and I am happy to be able to offer you my time. See me in Free Chat, interact and maybe test me a little, I am the real deal so you won't offend me. This is how I describe myself, to see how others describe me you can view what the memebers said about PsychicJohnG. Compassionate insightful clairvoyant, JohnG sees and hears gives you what he gets in a gentle and often amusing way that is helpful, honest, amazing and entertaining. Author of the new Wayne Isaacs book I'm Not Mad, I'm Psychic JohnG is an Internationallly published author of many Psychic related books in USA/UK/Canada/Australia etc. TV appearances for Walt Disney USA, Fox News USA. ITV 'THIS MORNING' UK. Recently 15 hours Psychic Readings Live on TV3 in Republic of Psychic John. Feature editor of the monthly journal of Spiritualism Psychic World. Best selling books include PSYCHIC PETS. (Bloomsbury. Scholastic. Beyond Words) THE PSYCHIC WORLD OF DEREK ACORAH.(Piatkus) DO YOU BELIEVE IN GHOSTS.(Element/Penguin) THE PSYCHIC WORLD OF JAMES BYRNE (HarperCollins) ANIMALS MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER (Element/Penguin) Currently writing the new book with top Oranum Psychic the incredible Wayne Isaacs titled: I AM NOT MAD, I AM PSYCHIC! publishd by Kindle in December 2012. Full time professional psychic consultant specialising in direct answers to difficult personal problems such as love and romance questions also visions and voices concerning business and financial matters. Psychic John G. Sutton has director level clients in many International investment Banks in the USA and UK. Astounding insights, amazing predictions and you can ask the questions of Psychic John G. Sutton and the answers can be obtained by Automatic Writing, Clairvoyance or Pendulum Dowsing. The opportunity to discover your true pathway is offered by John G. Sutton and I have guided many seriously successful people to help the attain their goals in life, for example the pop singer from Texas now a big star in the UK P.J. Proby was my client when he fell on hard times, look up PJ Proby on YouTube see there his song STAGE OF FOOLS that was written by myself using Automatic Writing when Proby was lost and had no direction I helped him and that was his comeback song penned by John G. Sutton. The UK psychic and one time success story on the TV programme MOST HAUNTED was Derek Acorah in 1998 Mr. Johnson, that is his real name, came to see Psychic John G. Sutton asking for help in managing his caareer as a psychic that was at the time nowhere. Psychic John G. Sutton helped Acorah to fame by writing his first book THE PSYCHIC WORLD OF DEREK ACORAH and organising his TV and filming appearances through 1999 and including his appearance at The Vogue Theatre on Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood USA. The book went on to be an international best selling title and helped considerably to further the career of Derek Acorah. If you are seeking guidance and perhaps a new direction in life that Psychic John G. Sutton will do his absolute best to help you. This is a genuine psychic service and though you should consider this as being for entertainment purposes only due to recent changes in legislation I can assure you that I will give you what I get as I get it and use all my developed psychic skills to answer your questions and see what lies ahead for you. Try me, test me, make that call and Psychic John G. Sutton will prove that he is the real deal and once you have experienced the truth of this your pathway will become clear and you are then enabled to proceed to success. You see although I can see the way for you I can not walk that walk only you can do that and it sometimes is tough, is it uphill all the way, at times it may seem so but you have a destiny path to travel and I can guide you. My name is Psychic John G. Sutton and you are about to contact me and change the way you view life forevermore. From that moment on you willl know your direction. Best way is write down your questions so you are ready and prepared to ask Psychic John G. Sutton to answer them. I will do my very best for you and I have 22 years experience as aa professional psychic. You maake that call. With my sincere best wishes and thank you for taking the time to read this brief explanation about me and what I do. Be Brave it's a hard road at times. John G. Sutton Here to help all who feel afflicted by negative energy or feel they are under some form of psychic attack by those who wish them ill is a ritual for self protection. This works and it is simple to follow. Please do feel free to advise me in Free Chat that you have used this ritual and found the protection you sought: PROTECTION AGAINST PSYCHIC INFLUENCE AND NEGATIVE ENERGY PsychicJohnG It may seem a very fanciful notion but there are people, seemingly ordinary everyday kind of people, who can influence your daily life by draining your energy with their psychic powers. Such people are walking in the darkness of this material world and are using their God given gifts for their own personal gain and self-glorification or gratification. I know personally of the greedy ones who practice this abuse and utilise their esoteric knowledge and powers to further their own ends. Others are just naturally negative thinkers, the ‘nay-sayers’ that want to see you fail and are happiest when you are losing. The results could be quite distressing, depressing, perhaps even dangerous, if you are unaware that you or your home and family, is under such an attack. Here is a list of occurrences that will noticeably increase during a period in which you or a resident family member are under psychic attack. • Accidents, falls, things being dropped, fires, etc. • Sleeplessness. Waking to strange noises in the night. • Loss of appetite. • Feeling of sickness. • Inability to concentrate. • Unnatural sexual urges. • Change of personality. • Angry outbursts. • Depression and feeling of worthlessness. • Feeling of constant unease. • Financial falings, loss of money or bad investments. You may, of course, experience any or even all of the above without being the subject of negative psychic influence or attack. But if you have noticed a serious increase in such unpleasant occurrences then you might consider conducting a ritual of self-protection that I term a 'Candle Rite'. CONDUCTING A CANDLE RITE Simply follow this step by step guide to conducting a candle rite and you will protect yourself and others from any psychic attack. EQUIPMENT: • Four white candles. • Three green candles. • A white sheet. • A bowl of water. • A bowl of salt. 1. Place the white sheet on a table or other flat surface. 2. Sprinkle a little water over this sheet. 3. Sprinkle a little salt over this sheet. 4. Place the four white candles in a straight line approximately twelve inches apart. 5. Place the three green candles in a straight line slightly in front of the white ones, they should be approximately six inches apart. 6. Sit in a high-backed chair facing the candles and light them. 7. You should be no more than 24 inches from the row of green candles, seated in an upright position facing them. 8. Now repeat aloud the following prayer of invocation to your God or Divine being. Dear God I pray that you will protect me from harm, from evil and from all thoughts of wickedness that may be directed against myself or against those that I love and hold dear. Dear God I pray that you will wrap my body and the bodies of my family, those close to me and all who live in this house in the protective cloak of your eternal love. Dear God please disperse the negative evil energy and thoughts that may have been directed against all those living within this house or myself and those close to me. 9. Repeat the above seven times, each time looking closely into the flames of the candles. 10. Having completed this ritual close with a prayer of your own choice. Or you may use the following: Dear God thank you for hearing my prayers. Please forgive those that would trespass against members of my family and myself. Please bring peace and understanding to those who would spitefully use me. Dear God please allow me to live in the protection and love of your eternal light now and forevermore. You have now completed the ritual cleansing of your home and any negative energy that was present will be dispersed. REMEMBER Hold love and forgiveness in your heart for those who hate and despise you. Do that and you will walk forever in the true light and eternal love of your God. My thoughts are with you. PsychicJohnG

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